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Curb Your Enthusiasm – is it coming back?

Would it be possible to find out if Curb is returning to Now TV? 


We were mid-way through our first ever watch and are missing it dearly 😞 

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Re: Curb Your Enthusiasm – is it coming back?

Same here. I'd never seen it before, a few weeks ago i started watching it. Found some of the episodes a bit boring, but quite a lot of them are really funny. I presumed the "days left" thing was just a temporary thing and once it reached zero, it would just go back on for months again. Seen that happen to many shows on Now TV. I'd just  reached the end of season 6. Would be nice to be able to watch the rest. This is the problem of it always saying shows are leaving, when they usually don't actually get took off. You never know if something is really leaving or not. 

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