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Big Love - great show, shocking broadcast quality.

Is no one else watching Big Love? I can’t believe Sky is getting away with charging money serving this up in it’s current form, it’s like a bad pirated copy. There are constant breaks in it where it fades to black for a second or two and just starts again on the same scene or even worse it comes back on a different scene - it feels like a little bit has been chopped out. Who do you complain about this sort of thing. There would be public outrage if any of the terrestrial stations served this .... how are they getting away with it?


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@Anonymous User of you want to complain to Sky the details are easily found but click the link and then click on 'programming complaints'.'d%20like%20to,%2C%20West%20Lothian%2C%20EH54%207DD.


You'll need to be specific regarding missing scenes giving examples of season, episode and time.


'Big Love' finished airing over 10 years ago so there may be scenes missing for a reason (no longer appropriate) or, as is often the case, it's how HBO originally supplied the data. Keep in mind, that in the US, advertisment breaks will be in different places which gives the impression that it has been edited badly.


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The BBC would never air a show in that condition.... why can’t they just tidy it up properly before putting out for public consumption? 

Anyway thanks for the link. I’ll drop them a line but I can’t imagine it will do much good, they seem to care little about the product they sell or have much regard for the customers they are selling to.... unless it’s football of course.