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Subtitles - one year (plus) on....

If you are an Entertainment pass user, you might well ask "what subtitles?"


Seems a bit pointless to have set up the subtitle facility if you're not going to implement it.

It's not the case that they aren't available in the programs, they clearly are, if you have a full Sky system.

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Re: Subtitles - one year (plus) on....

Yes, NowTV’s apps are awful. They are pretty callous in their shunning of the hard of hearing. 

I spent a long time trying to implement subtitles on my Samsung TV and Apple TV apps before I came to the rather amazing realisation that there aren’t any for NowTV!

Their Apple TV app has possibly the worst ratings of ANY app in the App Store. You’d think their bad reputation would bother them but they just don’t seem to care.