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Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

dr_necessitor wrote:


Can only hope it proves highly unpopular with customers!

Unpopular with me.  Just changed box and wasn't quite sure where I had left Sopranos in series 1 and had all of the un-skippable previews before I could find out. (sigh).  And none of them were of the slightest interest to me.



Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

Yup , Pre episode trailers are not skippable for me, and not relevant, and not wanted. I dont mind watching trailers , but prefer to chose which ones and when.

Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

Hi all,


On a thread about endlessly repeating adverts, I don't want to spend much time repeating myself (from here), but I just wanted to add my voice to your call to remove the pre-episode trailers. I found the uncancellable adverts so loud, offensive, increasingly-prevalent, and repetative that I cancelled my subscription. (Result for NowTV: advertising for what I was already paying for caused me to stop paying.) I'll be back if they remove them, so I hope you are successful in persuading them to stop this counterproductive rubbish.




Community Administrator

Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

Hi @maxwells_daemon@Stevo99@dr_necessitor@ClockEnd@pethead65


I've also responded in the other thread, if you want to take a look there.


To note here, it is early days for this feature, and we'll be changing things based on feedback and usage. Your voices in this are important, so please let us know if there are any other amendments you think should be made.





Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

The same annoying sky one ad appears in the middle of many of the modern family episodes. The preshow trailers that can't be skipped and endlessly repeat themselves, come up before various episodes. Both a waste of time and interrupt valuable viewing time. Either have ads and don't charge people or charge people and don't have ads... charging people to watch sky ads just isn't cricket. Won't be continuing my subscription.

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Legend 5

Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

Don't know if you've ever had Sky, but the platform is full of ads, even if you pay £100 a month.

I'm a Community Contributor not staff, so whilst I know a lot about the service I will be unable to help with any account issues.
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Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

 No adverts please. One of the main reasons I've moved on to watching content on services like NOW TV is NO ADVERTISING. Terrestrial TV is unwatchable because of constant advertising. If I have to watch advert trailers every time I watch NOW TV it will be time to cancel my subscription and move onto another service provider. 


Re: Pre-episode advert/trailer

I have to second this. Please stop the annoying pre-roll trailers. They're unskippable on the Now TV box, irrelevant and annoying (often 40 seconds long).

Also may I ask that the 'Continue watching' thing is binned or add the 'Previously watched' section back that used to be in My TV. It's annoying not being able to easily find your last watched shows.

Box sets - Trailers before program starts

Tonight when wanting to watch an episode of a box set I find I am being shown trailers for other programs.


When  did this start?


NOT impressed at all and if it continues I will be cancelling my passes for Entertainment and Films.






Re: Box sets - Trailers before program starts

When did that start...


Ages ago... 


How many per show is show dependant and if there is any show worth even having as you can only watch content from 13 channels... It also depends If its a boxset made from BD/DVD masters or Broadcast versions only...

Broadcast versions still have channel idents...


Sky one content can have trailers during the show as well...

Living TV can have Specific TV show trailer in the parts were the Advert would have been in broadcast...

Discovery channel was the very first to have Before the show trailer, in the show trailer and After the show trailers... 


Channel product placement trailers CAN NOT be fast forwarded...

Included from the content producers product placement trailer can be FF...


If you watched some thing from Sky atlantic Box set you would get say a penny dreadfull trailer or what ever at the start... and then nothing If it was a BD version if a braodcast boxset version you get there channel ID trialer 


Sky one had... this for a long time...

( No Audio on purpuse dont want any flash backs )

I Do not work for SkyUK or NowTV...

As I No longer live in the UK, I no longer run the NowTv boxes... So am an Ex Community Contributor user

SIEE Beta Tester since PS2. Rejected PSP and VITA day one...

Currently own and run these devices PS3, PS4, Chromecast, Sky+HD box, Quad OS boot HP Laptop, Amazon Fire tablet and TV box
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