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Dark Winds - no subtitles

Now is showing the very well-regarded Dark Winds, Season 1, but there aren’t any subtitles, except translations from Diné (Navajo) and it’s very difficult to follow the English dialogue.

I have asked Now about this, but there aren’t any full subtitles available, apparently 😢

So we thought about the BluRay or DVD, but it’s £20 and rising, and something very odd is going on, such that you need an email sent to you to be able to watch each episode; so s*d that for a game of soldiers.

However, I have found a bit of a workaround, as we really wanted to watch this; transcripts of each episode are available, for free, here:-

though you can make a voluntary donation as a thank-you if you wish.

They are pretty basic, just the words that are spoken, with no indication of who is saying each line, but we have each transcript open on an iPad, to follow along and clarify anything we find indistinct, notably the Navajo ceremony names.

They are in yellow on black; you can toggle them to black on white, but yellow on black we find better when watching in a darkened room.

I did find one or two places that promised the scripts but didn’t deliver, or that wanted to charge; there might be more conventional scripts out there, but the above is very usable, so we quit looking for anything else,

The transcripts also cover Series 2. So I do hope this too will be coming to Now; and I further hope that when it does, the subtitles will have been added,

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