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Hi, I'm watching now TV on my PS4. Whenever I play a movie it plays for about a minute and then stops. A message comes up saying ' something's not right. This content is currently unavailable. Give it a moment or check for updates. This happened all the time. It keeps saying wifi connection lost and I have to give it a minute to work again. Once it works again it would allow me to watch the movie for a few minutes and the same thing happens constantly thru out the whole movie/s. I have had Netflix for more than a year and nothing like this has ever happened. infact when I payed for the now tv pass I still had 2 weeks left of Netflix and this didn't happen on there just now tv. Other features work perfectly fine on my PS4 and internet connection doesn't seem to be the problem. I have deleted now TV app and re installed it again. I have rebooted the rooter for my broadband, I have restarted my PS4 multiple times. I think I have done everything and this problem still persists.

Can someone please help me as it really is annoying and a shame at the same time as their are good movies I want to watch on there.
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