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Scholar 3


Why has cosmic Sin have 4 stars it is such a bad movie. 

Bruce Willis did get paid over 2 million for a day's work.

I watched about 10minutes which was so boring from a non actor who apparently wrote this awful story. Even Wikipedia has a bad review on this. Bad reviews everywhere.

The movies are getting worse. I am an cancelling in May even when I have  been offered a reduction of £8.99 I am paying £5.99 till May for 6 months from last year no way I'm paying £11.99 a month 

Scholar 2

I tried watching this last night. Unfortunately Bruce Willis is in a lot of direct to DVD type films nowadays. At least it looks like Tenet is incoming soon.


Also tried the new Black and White version of Justice League but it seems a bit gimmicky. I suppose we should just be pleased new films are being put on Sky Cinema. I cancelled mine but got a 6 months 5.99 offer a week later so am back on board for now.