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NOW cancelled broadband as my SKY is still active



i recently signed up to the Fab fibre deal with 6 months free entertainment pass, at the same time of ordering i cancelled my Sky fibre/TV package as the cost was too high and the Now deal was good. I got a call a week later saying Now had to cancel my broadband activation as it couldnt be progressed whilst my SKy account was still active, this seemed a bit crazy to me as my Sky account was due to finish on the 7th May and my Now broadband was scheduled to begin on the same day.


did anyone else have the same issues when they cancelled Sky and changed to Now, and if so did they just have to wait until the sky account was deactivated and then reapply for the boradband deal? This would leave me with a potential gap between broadband service which id like to prevent.





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Re: NOW cancelled broadband as my SKY is still active

Hi Jordan,

Interesting. My story is similar, but the other way.

(Wholly online to take advantage of new customer offers)
NowTV Broadband -> Other supplier (failed) 16/04.
NowTV Broadband -> Sky Broadband (failed) (a few days later, once line cessation had taken place)

NowTv sent an email detailing mid-term price rises on the 29/03. My contract was finishing 17/04.

Because of the way Ofcom rules work, you have to notify the existing supplier (NowTV) before the contract finishes due to mid-term price increases, if you wish to leave 'migrate' is the proper term to another supplier.

At the point of emailing I had 2 days left of my contract, but still in contract. I emailed NowTV on the 15/04, stating that I was 'migrating' my broadband but finishing my contract based on Ofcom rules that mid-term prices increase materially disadvantaged me.

On the 16/04 (9am) I received an email from note not NowTV stating thanking me for a new signup to NowTV Broadband, with a second email just after notifying my of cancellation of NowTV broadband.

I then tried to immediately sign up to elsewhere, fully online to take advantage of the 'new customer' discounts (like you).

The options to take fibre 38 and fibre 76 were greyed - they could not be ordered on my line, due to the NowTV new contract/cancellation 'combo' orders which had created openreach job tickets being processed on the 16/04.

I contacted NowTV within 2 hours of those emails, and stated that they seemed to have issued a line cessation, not what I asked for, as I could not migrate my service and this was clearly not requested by my email, as I was migrating my service.

Basically the ordering/cancelling 'combo' actions prevented a further changes/migration on the 16/04, until those actions complete following day.

NowTV said I had to wait for line to become inactive, they could have revoked the line cessation, they didn't.

On 17/04 12midnight, the line/service was dead.

I left it a few days (that time was spent scrambling to get a mobile three data sim as backup), to test, I attempted to an order Sky Broadband fully online, I notice that the setup fee was higher than stated £29.95 not £9.95, I proceeded anyway, half way through it told me It looked like I was already a sky broadband customer and to sign in, or phone 03442 411212.
I don't have a Sky Broadband ID. (I've never ever been a sky broadband customer ever, just NowTV).

I couldn't sign up on line.To contact Sky online to ask why they are treating me as an existing customer, when I've never been one, you have to sign up and create an ID, which defeats the purpose somewhat, if you wanted to be treated as a 'new customer' for signup purposes.

I raised a formal complaint with NowTV. I'm still without fixed line broadband today 03/05, I think my line number is now lost too, no nearer a solution, after about 10 emails each way.

NowTV even said I should know how their internal system operate, when looking to cancel with 3 days before the end of contract.

I've asked for the formal complaint to be now deadlocked so I can take it to the Ombudsman, because I notified and did everything by the book *before* the end of contract date, that's all the matters, I followed Ofcom rules.

Migration was prevented on the 16/04 (day before contract ended) because of wrong actions take by, i.e. the new contract/cancellation orders being placed one following the other, that locked up openreach systems that day.

To conclude, forget Ofcom's self congratully hype on migrating between any suppliers for free, it seems you can't actually migrate 'fully online' from NowTV to Sky Broadband and be treated as a new customer with those benefits, cashback etc due to the way the underlying LLU clunky legacy Openreach LLU (Local loop unbundling) systems see both NowTV/Sky Broadband inactive lines/line cessations as generic "Sky" LLU lines, i.e. one and the same, preventing the systems from working.

No one has told me this yet, but that's my take from what I know.

Basically NowTV say it's other suppliers/Sky's fault and ordering with another supplier is outside their remit.

And from what your saying, Sky say it's NowTV, ordering with a new supplier is outside their remit, yet both are sister companies of Sky plc.

You know the routine, the customer just falls between the crack of the complex regulation and is left stranded.

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