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Activation date delayed, order cancelled with no clarity.

Placed an order on Feb 26th with an activation date of 9th March, pushed back week by week until the 4th of April, citing an issue with openreach. On the 2nd of April, I received an email from NowTV stating they had to cancel my an order and that I need to call them. 

Since then I've called and had no answer, just passed around from one confused person to another for literally hours so I sent an email. Had a reply from them saying that Openreach are still working to cancel my order due to an open exception placed against my order, once the exception is clear my order can be cancelled and they can then place a new order with Openreach. They'll be in touch with me with an update on this on the 12th of April. 

Can anyone shed some light on what is actually happening or could be happening? The lack of an actual answer from Nowtv is infuriating.

If I place an order with a different provider (also using openreach) how could this new order be affected this issue with Nowtv?


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Depends is the provider using the FTTC network or FTTP?

OpenReach are super busy with closing the FTTC network down in favour of FTTP.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help