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10 spares monopoly now tv pass problems

I’ve entered the 10 codes which were excepted how do I now redeem my now tv pass

Anyone had this problem?
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I’ve just used 10 monopoly tickets too and it says voucher not recognised
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How strange!  I have applied a Monopoly 1-month Entertainment Pass and it was accepted with no difficulty.


After you have entered the ten Monopoly sticker numbers into the McDonald's web site, it will ask you for a few personal details and then it will give you a voucher code, which is usually  14 characters long, beginning with NOW.


They will also send the code to you by email.


There are two ways of redeeming the pass.  Either you can click on the link in the email that you received and follow the instructions, or else you can go into the "My Passes" page of your NowTV account and key in the code where it says "Apply a voucher" in green.

N.B.  All the letters in the code are in UPPER CASE.


Hope this helps.