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Unable to complete transaction

Hi - I'm trying to buy a Sports month pass. Every time I click check out it shows me a red box saying "We're unable to complete your transaction right now" - has been the same for four days. No payment methods seem to work and I've tried with single day and 6-month passes as well. No luck. Any ideas?

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Have you got an active or saved Day Sports Pass Membership already on your account? 

Do you subscribe through a third party such has BT, TalkTalk, Amazon etc for other NOW Memberships?

If not are you using a VPN or outside the country? 

Assuming you are trying to purchase off the NOW website and not directly from your NOW playback device have you tried another internet browser or try your internet browser off your phone using mobile internet data if you have it.

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Hi @spwbarton 

Forgot to mention I have seen this error message pop up (mainly when attempting to stream NOW) that your device clock if using a computer for example is not set correctly.

If you are using something with an inbuilt clock, perhaps try a clock sync update on your device.

Perhaps not relevant in your particular case but worth a try.