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Coronavirus impact on phone line

Due to retention concerns, you cannot downgrade your package without calling Now TV.

However you can quite easily upgrade via a few clicks. Therefore downgrading is in theory as possible through the website as upgrading - it's only retention policy that blocks this and expects you to call instead.


As the phone line is now almost unmanned due to coronavirus, it is therefore impossible to downgrade your package. I've referred this to Ofcom. In the event that anyone from NOW TV reading this, can you not make downgrades available without need to call for retention purposes?


Scholar 3

I've thought about this and have come to the conclusion that these companies would never offer/advertise a downgrade option on their website (for existing customers) as it wouldn't be good for business, as like with the current climate - everyone would be downgrading!  If i was to downgrade with say Virgin  Media or mobile phone provider, my contract would then re-start for another 12 months!  Guess that's one way they make their money and good business sense.  Guess an option would be a rolling contract if this was available where you could cancel as and when