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Activity in Offers & Vouchers


I was offered discount on entertainment pass but it keeps saying sorry there’s a fault to keep trying

Sports mobile membership

I purchased a sports day pass that came with a free 5 months sports mobile. The day pass has expired but I cannot watch any of the sports channels on my phone? Says still valid until 25th October but if I click on any sports channel it says that I ne...

Kids voucher Not working

Hi, i have a 1 month kids pass, was told only a few months ago by now tv that expiry was 31st dec 2021. I no the kids is now with entertainment. Therefore thought this would get me entertainment? But just says we having trouble with passes right now....

Voucher invalid

I’m trying to watch the friends reunion on Now Tv. I started the free trial and it does not come up in my search on the TV but does on my phone. When I click it on my phone it says voucher is invalid and I need to buy a pass. How can this be a free t...

Purchased wrong voucher

I've purchased the wrong voucher (sports) and I meant to have purchased the entertainments one. Is there anyway I can use the sports voucher for the entertainments package or do I have to go back to the shop for a refund? I thought maybe the value of...

Sky sports day pass disappeared (again)

 I am getting fed up of this.  I have passes on my account that disappear!!!!Obviously I did not redeem it because it was not possible to redeem.Got another pass after 30 minutes on chat...    

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Resolved! non affiliated websites

Hi guys and girls  I was searching though the vast google webpages for any discount codes for sky sports ,sky cinema etc etc  I came across the site I have posted with the URL and was wondering is this allowed or is this not allowed ,I am sure I have...

Change billing date

I would like to change my billing date to the first of every month and can’t find an option online to do so and I can’t find a number to contact. Anyone know how ? Thank you in advance.