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Activity in Account & Billing

Unexplained Increase in Broadband Charges

I am writing to inquire about an unexpected increase in my broadband charges that occurred in July 2022. I have a one-year contract that began in October 2022, and I have been consistently paying £22 per month as agreed upon in the contract. However,...

Alireza by Advocate
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Cancelling my membership

I started a free trial ages ago, now every month NOW take money out i have two payments one called 'now ents' for £9.99 and 'now boost' which is £5.00 but when i go to my memberships its saying i dont have one so i spoke to the bot and i looked at ol...

Iz by Observer
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Declined payment

My payment got declined as I had forgotten to move money over to my account - I have now moved money over, how do I make the payment be paid again? 


On my Payment screen it says I have paid my recent bill, but it has not shown up on my bank account. I've been trying to find a way to pay this bill before I have no money left to pay it. This has happened way too many times. Starting to ###### me of...

Extremely disappointed offers

I accepted the above offer from a text and also on my account, when I sent email to complain that the offer was not applied to my account, I was told that I needed to email the offer. I don't keep emails once I've read them as I have an old device an...

Spodrick by Advocate
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Resolved! My child paid £33.99 for Sky Sportsss

Hi. My 3 yo daughter managed to buy a sky sports month pass when I was at work and she was with my non english speaking mum. I have canceled the pass but I have still been charged a shocking £33.99 that I really need at this time of the year. I have ...