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Activity in Account & Billing

Cancelling account

I was with now Broadband back in 2019.  I am now looking for a new provider and was going for NOW but as they still have my account open I couldn't set it up.  Now I want to close that account completely (why it is still a thing when I don't have any...

Jags by Newbie
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Charged without consent

On the 17th of January 2023 a payment for Sports membership was taken out of my account without my consent.  Further to this I did not receive an email to say that the transaction was taking place.  I am concerned that there is fraudulent activity on...

Lindsay by Advocate
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Unauthorised Payments Taken

Hi I’ve noticed 2 payments for nowtv come out of my account however I don’t actually have nowtv nor ever used it so logged onto my account and no subscription or payment method saved, can anyone help me speak to someone about money that has debited m...


On my Payment screen it says I have paid my recent bill, but it has not shown up on my bank account. I've been trying to find a way to pay this bill before I have no money left to pay it. This has happened way too many times. Starting to ###### me of...

breach of gdpr: deletion of account

how do i delete my account? this is driving me insane, this is a clear breach of gdpr, i can’t even remove my card or billing address, this is a mess. the live chat is closed, there’s no emails or numbers, they can’t do anything on social media, i fe...

Unexpected Payments

I have been billed even after I cancelled and switched off auto renew. As a result I need my card details removed from the site and my account deleted. Regards   

Resolved! Closing my account — removing ALL my details

Hello,I want all my details removing from the NowTV system.I have seen in recent replies that NowTV are saying that they NEED to keep details.This is illegal. provide me ...

vodafone pass cancellation

HI, Vodafone sent me a message saying that my entertainment pass is due to expire  and if I want to cancel I should head to my now tv account, MY now tv account says I need to go to my Vodafone account I keep being sent in circles!  At this stage I w...