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Now tv

I have subscribed and pay for now tv so my son can watch all his Disney films when not at nursery last few weeks we have not been able to watch any it keeps saying subscribe in able to watch but the thing is I have and am not wanting to add to my bill
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Hello @Anonymous User have you logged your account in to your you view box? Remember that now tv is only on demand for you view which means you cannot watch the live movie channels which are seen on all other devices
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for getting in touch with us at NOW TV.


As this is account related, I'll be dropping you an e-mail shortly so we can look into this further.






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Hello, @Anonymous User


@Anonymous User Even with the YouView box, the service should not prompt you to re-subscribe to the Sky Movies Month Pass. The option would either be removed from the software on the box or a clear message will appear stating that live content is not available.


This does appear to be a technical issue. Could you please click here to visit My Passes, which will confirm whether the pass is active on your account. If it is, please try watching NOW TV on another device, and confirm if it allows you to watch the content, if it does, we can narrow the problem down to one device, if it doesn't, and you have a valid pass applied, you'll need to get it resolved with the NOW TV team. 


Please click here to visit the NOW TV Help Center to get in contact with the team, or wait for a response from an official member of the team, who can look into this for you. I hope it works out for you.


UPDATE: A NOW TV official has responded, please follow insturctions provided in the email they've sent you.