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Xbox One


Kinect voice commands

Hi. Was just wondering if anyone knew of any Kinect voice commands I could use? It's really irritating when watching a series to keep turning my controller on and off to play next episode. I know I could use smart glass but I'm normally in the middle...

Resolved! Scrolling down season won't work

Hi all,I am trying to select season 10 of Grey's anatomy.On the first screen when I select the boxset are available 9 seasons. If I move down and trying to go on season 10,11 and 12 the yellow line that mean a I can select that buttom, automoticaly j...

service status

keep getting booted out of the app on xbox one -stating internet issues... however my internet is working fine... any ideas??

Xbox one

Xbox one: When I click on the app it states "somethings not right. Give it a moment or check for updates". Have deleted app & reinstalled it, but same message still appears.

Resolved! video won't play xbox one

Hi, so the app loads fine and seems to work no problem except that videos won't play. After we select one it just goes back to browse and nothing played. There's no error or anything. I've tried deleting and reinstalling the app, restarting both the ...

Somethings not right?

I've been trying a week to watch nowtv on the Xbox and keeps saying somethings wrong. I have un installed and re installed unplugged everything turned bt smart set up off , even changed Xbox location all other apps are working fine! And the nowtv app...

Criminal minds Scrolling

Hello,I have had a couple of issues with scrolling through seasons on criminal minds. I have managed to watch season 10 but it now won't let me scroll down to ten or eleven it just takes me straight to to the top I am using Xbox one can I do anything...

Xbox one app not playing

Hi,the Xbox One app isn't working and pressing watch now on the app just loops back to the same menu.The Sky Go app is working fine,internet connection is fine and I've tried re-installing the app on both WiFi and Ethernet,I'm on Virgin media cable,a...

How to get rid of "Watch something new"

It's one of the most annoying parts of Now TV. I'm happily finishing an episode of something when "WATCH SOMETHING NEW. MORE LIKE THIS" comes up. I just want to get rid of it, it's invasive and unnecessary. Atm I've got Now TV on a two week trial but...