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Promo 14..99 sky sports pass

I signed up for sky sports a couple of weeks ago and all over the advert is said watch the lions for 14.99 a month, I only wanted it for the lions test matches so took it out and ended up being charged 33.99 for the month which is annoying as it would have been cheaper for me to buy three day passes for the three tests. Feel ripped off.

Legend 5
Legend 5

It sounds as though your 'monthly' subscription has automatically 'rolled over' @Anonymous User




All monthly NOW TV subscription(s) 'roll over' automatically if they're not officially cancelled prior to any 'free trial', 'retention offer', 'voucher pass' or 'monthly' subscription expiring. The official way to cancel your NOW TV subscriptions is via your NOW TV account.


It's recommended that you use a Windows or Mac computer, not a mobile device, as their web browsers might not be sophisticated enough to display 'pop-up' windows (ie: windows within windows). Also, Mac or IOS device users will require JavaScript support enabled in their Safari internet browsers. Here's what you need to do: -


  • Log onto your NOW TV account via this forum using the same log-in details as your NOW TV playback device.
  • Then click on the coloured 'Canel' button which is located within each of the NOW TV services you have subscribed to (ie: Entertainment, Cinema, Kids, Sport). You should see something like this: -



  • A new "We hate saying goodbye" web page will be displayed.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the web page.
  • Click on the purple coloured 'I don't want my contract free pass' button on the bottom right of the web page.
  • Follow the remainder of on-screen instructions/questionnaires and retention offers, if any...

If the above mentioned 'cancellation' process has been completed correctly, you will receive a confirmation email from NOW TV.




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@SeeMoreDigital wrote:

It sounds as though your 'monthly' subscription has automatically 'rolled over' 

As it was only a couple of weeks ago I doubt it.  Suspect the voucher wasn't applied properly and the full charge was made.  You could contact Now TV chat and see if they can assist.