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unable to connect hub two

my master phone socket seems to be a different shape to the norm and the microfitter won't click into it. I have an adaptor to get around this issue but still wont work. 

I also have another pre-filtered phone socket. This still does not work without the adaptor and microfitter. 

The box is turned on and lights are showing, it will even allow you to connect to the wifi sometimes, however the wifi light is not solid green and doesn't work.

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Legend 5

Hi @connection 


Don't know if this linked NOW help article is of any use or not. 


If not, give the NOW Broadband Team a call. 

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You shouldn't have 2 master sockets, unless you have 2 lines coming in or possibly one Openreach and one Virgin.

Hopefully the broadband team will sort you out, if not show us pictures of what you have.