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scheduling internet access

I have kids who will sit on the internet all night if I dont unplug the router and take it to bed.


Is there a way I can setup my wifi so that it stays on for me, but blocks my kids devices say after 10pm?

This has to be schedulable (automatic) and work on multiple devices my kids have.




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Unfortunately the simple answer is no you can't, there's no option to restrict access to certain devices by schedule like some routers have. You'd need to look at any control options available on your child's device itself or any software/apps that can be used on the device to achieve the same thing. Or carry on doing what you are currently and unplugging the router.

If you are confident tinkering around with routers, you should in theory be able to do something along the lines you ask by allocating fixed IPs, setting a custom schedule, then  setting a firewall rule to that schedule and allocating to the IPs in question, but looking at other people who tried to do this with the Hub it doesn't seem to work reliably if at all, so personally I wouldn't go there.

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@Anonymous User change password at 10pm. They don't get it until next morning.
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