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new router recommendations required

i have broadband buddy set to age appropriate.  I have adult browsing time on it.  I have blocked 20 urls and need more space.


I have microsoft family to stop childs computer.  


I have reserved ip's for internet enabled gadgets in the house and a schedule to shut off some and leave others on.

I have entered allowed sites in broadband buddy

i have entered blocked search terms in the router - which didn't seem to work previously but i have left them there anyway.

I would like to buy a router that would give me all this functionality.  Does one exist and would it be compatible with Now broadband?  I am self learnt from youtube and have been saving the settings on the router each time i have done anything.


My child has been groomed recently and talked about meeting up, then I found porn.  But is not in school due to autism and anxiety so computerland is his only way of contact.  We sit and watch him when he is chatting but I want to safeguard as much as possible without watching him constantly.


Many thanks for any suggestions


I use a TP link router ( archer VR2800) that allows for devices to be on or off the network at specific times as well as a bit of filtering.

 Theres a few emulators where you can see what options are available and try the user interface , for example this is the UI of my router:


Other emulators are here

select Home, then DSL modems and gateways, then dsl modems and routers


Other manufacturers also offer routers that have parental controls etc


As for a bit of monitoring, you can get screen sharing apps/programs t=for both phones and PCs so you can see on a separate screen everything that the main ( host) screen is displaying, as well as a few find my phone apps - one i use is "wheres my droid"  if you sideload it you can install the full version where you dont need mobile data to locate a lost phone, as you can set it up to reply to a text you send it with its GPS co-ordinates - as well as with mobile data