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Setup & Performance


Broadband slow

Hi,I ran the technical checks for my broadband today and it told me that my broadband was unusually slow. In order to fix this issue, I am trying to get some help but the chat is down and there is no way to get an email or a phone number through the ...

Poor equipment

Hello, I just want to know if I can get a better router doe to the free router not being enough to put WiFi around my home? No phone number to contact someone on is putting me off staying with Now (nearly as bad as talk talk) x could anyone help or a...

Engineer no show

engineer was meant to be here between 8am-1pm no show tried ringing spent half an hour before i hung up when is my net going to be working 

Need to contact now tv

So I've just got now tv broadband and phone and it was meant to go live today yet they haven't took payment and it hasn't gone live. Has anyone got some way of getting in contact with someone about this please


I’ve been without internet and broadband for the past 4 days I’ve rung on many occasions. And been told it’s been looked in too ive received a text today from sky informing me that my broadband is working. But it is clearly still not working.  Im not...

No Broadband and very poor customer service

I set up my broadband to be installed by the engineer yesterday on the 7th of September, the engineer came and plugged in the box, he left with the broadband not connected and he said that he would have the broadband connected by the end of the day; ...

Setup problems

After 5 weeks of waiting for the Hub, we finally have it and now there's no connection. How can we fix this!?! Your live chat isn't working, you don't have an email address or a contact number so we are just left here paying for Internet that doesn't...

30mb download, 0.5mb upload on Fab Fibre

Have recently taken out Now Fab Fibre broadband.Whilst my download speed is 30mb, the upload speed is less than 1mb (usually around 0.5mb).When I check the router stats page, it shows this:Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this?

Setting up Netgear Nighthawk X6

I am trying to setup my Netgear R8000 instead of the ISP provided NR801. Using a Huawei modem between the wall & router. Is anyone using a similar setup with NOWTV & managed to get it working. If so what credentials/settings do you need to allow the ...