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Setup & Performance


Setting up Netgear Nighthawk X6

I am trying to setup my Netgear R8000 instead of the ISP provided NR801. Using a Huawei modem between the wall & router. Is anyone using a similar setup with NOWTV & managed to get it working. If so what credentials/settings do you need to allow the ...

Cannot find entertainment only sky cinema

Hello signing in to my NOW TV, I have Sky cinema but do not have the entertainment pass to watch box sets are things like nashville's and I am not sure where to find it I have on my telephone but not on my TV can anyone help me please.. I have paid f...

No phone, no internet, no customer service!

My phone line stopped working, my internet is increadily slow (less than 1MB/s when I pay for the supposed super fast one!) and I have been trying to contact customer service for last 2 weeks. I have been promised to be contacted by supervisors on 2 ...

Engineer no show

I had an engineer visit booked today between 1pm and 6pm and nobody has come and noone has contacted me. I have lost half a days pay by finishing work at dinner t9 be in.Ive tried ringing but was on hold for a good half hour or so and gave up to try ...

slow broadband speed

Just renewed my Fab fibre broadband and received A Now Hub but the maximum download speed through router is 14999kbps! have tried to contact NowTv over several hours to sort out. online technical checks say it is a problem in the home but my setup ha...

keep away nowtv

my broadband should have gone live on 28 Aug. i contacted nowtv a couple of times, all the replies are lies, by either saying it is openreach problem or something totally irrelevant. I am now still out of internet after 10 days  waiting.  What they p...

Resolved! activation

Can I set up my boradband box before my line is activeits supposed to be active today but I hasn’t happened yet 

Resolved! activation

How do I know when my line/broadband active? Does it come up on the online account page?And what’s the average time of activation as mines today but it could be as late as midnight.So I know when to set up my broadband box. 

Broadband and phone still not working

My phone and broadband is still not activated despite the activation date being the 4th September  I was allegedly put up to tier 2 with the now broadband team. Heard nothing  since. Does any Now Broadband customer advisor have any updated for me? Li...