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Setup & Performance


Watch AppleTV Subscription on other devices

Hello all, First post to this forum so apologies in advance if this has been covered before. Some months ago I subscribed to a Movie Pass on my AppleTV device which is in the house I had expected to be living in.  Recent events curtailed that plan  I...

broadband keeps disconnecting

Since i joined my internet has disconnected several times a week. over the last couple of weeks it is several times a day. It has only just come back on now and as I can not get in touch with anyone I thought I would add it on here to see if others a...

Site is currently unavailable

I have not been able to watch a thing on Now TV for over a week. Every time I try to play a show I get buffering then site is not available. (Please note this is not a Wifi issue as all other apps etc are fine) I’m not sure what I am paying for!! Why...

how can i contact now tv

I had no broadband or phone on tuesday my broadband is now back but very slow and I still have no phone line . I cant find anyway of contacting anyone . Also my contract is almost up I am not prepaired to pay an increased amount as the service has no...


Hi there . Has anyone else noticed that at midnight the internet goes down for approx 10 min every night? Or is it just me? 

Resolved! Should I have a dial tone?

Since I had NowTV broadband and calls installed, I no longer get a dial tone on the landline. Is this normal? The phone works but there's no way to know if a call is still connected.

installation date set to july

I just ordered broadband for the new flat i'm moving into next week (May 6th) but I didn't realised the engineer visit is booked for July 11th (not May 11th).The landlord said the previous tenant had broadband so she knows there's a phone-line (BT li...

New to Now Tv

we have Now tv hub 2 installed but we are not receiving any channels do we require another box (free view box) for the channels as this is not clear so that we can get channels. please advise what we are missing