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Setup & Performance


HSBC & First Direct Banking

There is a DNS issue with Sky that prevents connecting with Online banking for the above, if both your internet & mobile data are with Sky/Now, then you need to use another network. 

Broadband down in Yorkshire

Broadband has been a bit wobby here on the Yorkshire Coast for a few weeks but today's dropout is taking longer. Reconnection was quite quick. Not helpful when working from home. Add the fact that we're affected by the Bilsdale transmitter fire and h...

Service down in Manchester

Anyone else experiencing no broadband in Worsley area of Manchester? It’s been down for about 20 hours now and a real pain as I work from home. No information on when it will be fixed 

Resolved! Boost

My boost isn't working I had trail it worked then paid for boost straight after. Now doesn't work even after 6 days. Been online to 3 different people trying to fix issue. Not a app issue or Internet issue. Is there a free number to contact them. I a...

Resolved! Remote Control - lag or unresponsive

I have been struggling with my Smart Stick remote for a while, with a really long lag / lack of responsiveness when using NowTV.  Initially on start up it can take up several minutes for a button press on the remote to register on the TV.  Other time...

PSTN/Landline Switchoff

Does anyone know what plans NowTV has for the PSTN switch off in 2025? If anyone could provide a link to any press statement or policy document that NowTV have released I'd be grateful. I don't want to have to go back to BT just to keep my home phone...