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Setup & Performance


VPN Disconnecting

We have recently switched from Sky Broadband to NOW TV Broadband and are working from home.  We have been having major issues with VPN connection, having read community posts we have disabled the Now Buddy but the issue continues. I have read other p...

marcoabz by Advocate
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Hi there! I have a query. My landlord only allows his tenants to have broadbands that use BT line. I was wondering if [voucher code removed] uses BT? I hope someone can help me out. Thanks in advance

Resolved! Broadband down in Barrow

Does anyone have an update on the issue of general broadband outage in the Barrow an surrounding areas? The NOWTV website has no update since 0600 this morning. 

SP1515 by Advocate
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Broadband randomly cutting off

I've been with NOW for a number of months and can no longer take these random disconnects throughout the day.  My router either loses access to the Internet for a few minutes and it automatically sorts itself out or I need to restart my router to reg...

LM by Mentor
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Broadband Service Updates

This morning, just after starting work, my internet dropped entirely and I've had to revert to using a temperamental hotspot. Whilst NowTV's website does show that there's a problem, unlike other providers it doesn't give any further information so f...

Internet Constantly Cutting Out for Months Now

A while ago (a few months now) my neighbour got broadband fitted (I don't know which provider they use) and ever since then my internet cuts out constantly.  The cutting out happens at least a few times a day and is worse after 3 p.m. My internet isn...

Resolved! Exisitng Router

Hello, New to NOW broadband, all good except the coverage area of the wifi is not as good as previous provide, so I thought I might just try using the previous router. It was a Vodafone router, are there any line by line instructions out there to hel...

Phone line

When I set up our contract nowTV said that I would be able to keep our previous landline number. However I have since found out that I have been switched to a new phone number. I would like to go back to my previous number but have no way of contacti...

Cannot join network

When I try to connect to the hub, it comes up with: The WiFi network ‘now tv’ could not be joined. It comes up with cancel or run diagnostics. My work asked me to change my password so I did using the work IT helpline and now it’s kicked me off the i...

Broadband keeps dropping out

I know that the live chat option is now down. Is there anyone I can speak to about my broadband connection that keeps dropping out? When I reset the router it seems to come back, but at times, it can be dropping out every few minutes. Any advice?