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Setup & Performance


Recently slow broadband speeds to europe

Hi all, Not sure what happened but in the recent weeks my download speeds to europe servers been very bad, way below the guaranteed speeds. The problem is if I perform download speed test to UK servers it is bang on and support people on the phone ar...

Devices attached to router not showing

Hi, I have a Hub Two and ever since i've been set up (about a month) there are no details of attached devices showing. Is this normal or a glitch with the hub? And is there any fix apart from using another router?Many thanks.

Resolved! Phone Line

I have just changed from Virgin Media to NOW TV, and have just had my broadband installed but my phone line is dead, it has no dial tone and I don't know what to do? Any help would be appreciated

Broadband Buddy

So I spent some time setting up my account using Broadband Buddy, clicked 'save' waited the recommended 15 minutes... 1 hour... 8 hours... switched off the box.. you get the idea. What else do I need to do to activate the configuration? Thanks for an...

Broadband connection

I have no internet connection at all, I have done all the troubleshooting and still nothing. I see you're down for maintenance and there are certain areas affected, my area was not mentioned.  I would really appreciate some help I work from home and ...

Hub LAN port stops working.

Moved to NowTV broadband in June 2020 from EE having been won over by the lovely salespeople.  Anyway, the hub LAN port next to the phone line socket, keeps failing after a few days. Both are set to normal speed in settings  (not 'fast' which is giga...