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Setup & Performance


Can I purchase and use my own router?

The router from NOW is really bad, not enough connections on the back, very slow wifi, and no opportunity to set up a guest network. Can I purchase and use my own router?  When I contacted NOW about the poor service, they told me to purchase a wifi e...

Broadband not starting

An engineer visited yesterday, as arranged. He left without saying anything and the broadband was not working. I phoned Now and they said it should be working but it is not. Any help?

Cabinet Capacity

I have been told by NOW that we can't have fibre broadband because there is no cabinet capacity. However when I talk to openreach about the response from NOW I get a different picture. Open Reach say there IS capacity.   Just wondering what the expla...

Broadband keeps turning off

Hi,Since last week my broadband keeps turning off at least 20 times a day. I've tried resetting the router, but it didn't help. Everything was okay until new tenants in the flat below moved in. It happened to me before (different flat) that there was...

Broadband Speed dire

When I do a broadband speed test (have tried using a few different speed tests) my download speed is around 3mbps! Upload speed is about 10mbps. Using the NowTV "Test my Line" function it comes up saying everything is fine and shows a speed of 70mbps...

Resolved! Landline Installation

Hi,I have no BT Landline inside my property, the Phone cable is attached to the outside of my house but ends at this point.I want a landline installing internally, to enable me to sign up with Now Broadband. Is this something I need to get done prior...

How to give printer static IP address?

I have a printer which is connected by Ethernet port.  When I turn on the printer, it has some default IP address (not on my network). I can't print documents, as it says printer is off-line. I have to unplug the printer network cable from the router...

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Activation Date Error?

Hi guys, When ordering my NOW broadband, I selected the 2nd March for the activation date. When my package arrives it now states the 7th? Does anyone know why this is? 

Resolved! Broadband pants

So after signing up to Now in October and eventually getting broadband in January (13 weeks I think of no broadband) it's now slower than ever. I can't seem to actually get to contact anyone and the line test doesn't start. I'm sat at 1.2mbps downloa...