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Setup & Performance


Very poor broadband speed

I'm getting 1-3 Mbps. The tech support voicemail says there an issue affecting 'some users' and that they'll fix it when they can - no idea when and no offer to ping out a message to say when it's done. The help part of the website is obviously desig...

qwert123 by Advocate
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Broadband went off after the strong winds and haven’t had it back now for 4 days , anybody else had the same problems ?

Fuller79 by Advocate
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New to Now TV.. Inevitable WIFI speed gripe

Hey all, Just joined Now TV from BT and happy to report I'm getting the same 70mb+ speeds. As expected, the router is not as good as my old BT smart hub for wifi strength so I am now on the hunt for a replacement router / mesh system. I live in a 3 f...

Sledge by Mentor
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no internet nw80**

Spoiler  I appreciate there are generally speaking issues across the network. Probably as of the storm. I'd like to have an ETA for the fix and a way to be kept up to date. This has been ongoing since 19th at about 5pm. Tomorrow is working day.

davide by Advocate
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2.4ghz and 5ghz

What is the point in having 2.4ghz and 5ghz, is it not possible to turn one off? What would be the benefit of doing that?Essentially I am trying to get GeForceNow working and trying all options to reduce high packet loss.

craigr98 by Advocate
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Already have open reach

The previous tenant used NowTV broadband and has an openreach connection already installed- why do I need an engineer visit? 

Rfr1 by Newbie
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Password changing

Sorry ! Searched for answer on here but probably so simple everybody knows but me I have a really stupidly long Password [to get into Account] - but can cut paste it easily of course. However if I have to sign in to say Mobile Phone it would be reall...