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Which mesh wifi with NowTV

Hi everyone--

We're about to move back into the house after a loft conversion and while we've been out I've ditched Sky and ordered NowTV with broadband. I'm hoping to add a Mesh Wifi network to cover the (newly larger!) old Victorian house. 

We also use - and love - Sonos!

Does anyone have experience with a setup like this? 

I'm looking at TP Link Deco M5 but I'm worried that it doesn't have a bridge mode, nor does NowTV router; will I be alright running TP Link as a router and just using the Now box for the telly?

What do you think? School me!




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i have used Tenda Nova mesh system , bought from amazon .

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I’m no tech expert but looking to buy the Tenda Nova system to improve WiFi in rear of extension.  Is it easy to set up?

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I’m considering buying Nova mesh. Would you recommend and is it easy to install?



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Yes and yes. Just got the MW3, set of 3.


I was unsure myself reading some other posts but it was easy.


Connect with the supplied network cable from the tenda box. Switch the port speed on the nowtv router to fast ethernet (MW5 and above can use gigabit I believe). Switch off wireless on nowtv router on 2.4 and 5 ghz. Then use tenda app on phone to set up tenda units.




How to you get mesh system installed dose it work ?