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Website being blocked by Broadband Buddy for no reason

Hi there, I am a website designer and one of my clients websites is being blocked by Broadband Buddy and Sky Shield for no reason at all. It claims it is a phishing risk but when I click on the 'Have we blocked this site by mistake?' button it takes me to the next page and says this but there is no box to tick so I can't submit the form. Can somebody please contact me about this?

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Hi @webchap 

On the last FAQ on this link page below it says if your website has been wrongly categorised then there is a link to get in touch.

If you are not a NOW customer yourself, then perhaps drop them an email by using the email address in this screen shot below. 



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Have you checked it here, in case it's not just Sky/Now.

Is your website blocked?


Thank you for that, it is showing as green for OK on all ISP's on that list but Sky / Now are not on the list so seems the issue lies with them


Hi @webchap 

If you don't get any joy out of the NOW customer services email above, I notice the NOW Broadband Contract  includes:

... or if you wish to make a complaint regarding content, data or 
material that has been stored and/or accessed via NOW’s networks or NOW Broadband,
please email us at "AcceptableUsePolicy @ bskyb .com" (no spaces) ...

I know your post is more about data not allowed to be accessed via NOW, but they might be able to help?