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VERY slow broadband

Even though I have the fab fibre membership, I realised that my download speed was really slow. What I didn't realise, is that when tested it only downloads a measly 4MB/s! 

Now TV keep saying it works, but clearly it doesn't at all. My router is fairly high, in the same room as me, and clear of all obstructions. 

How do I get it to actually work properly rather than paying for something my mobile is faster at?

Elite 3

You are probably testing over Wi-Fi, you need to test with a wired connection to get a true idea of your download speed. Here is what Now have to say about download speeds:



As above, a wired connection is the only real way to get a diagnosis , and another thing that would help is to say what speeds you were getting before with your previous ISP at that property, what ISP it was and what package you were on


It's not just the units displayed by the app/website you are testing with?
4MB/s is 32Mb/s which could be perfectly decent for an FTTC service, depending on your line length etc. "B=Byte", "b=bit".

What does your HubTwo show for connection speed?