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Using NOW TV Stick in Holland

Hello everyone


I've read you can use the NOW TV Stick in EU Countries, this is GREAT ! It means i can watch the SKY Box Office fight on 10th Nov when i'm in Holland, however, do i need to download a VPN or will it just work as it normally does at home in the UK?



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Hi @Anonymous User

Here's a link help guide about using NowTV whilst abroad.

Not sure about how the Sky Sports Box Office Events work when in the EU, where you might be better off emailing neulion direct about it, if you need to buy their event whilst in the UK and then would you be able to watch it on the nowtv stick whilst in Holland.

You will find the neulion email address in this link article below.

Out of curisoity what Fight is scheduled for the 10th of November and are you sure it will be on Sky Sports Box Office ?