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Slow Speeds Despite Line Checks Showing No Problems

I have been going through the help pages, doing line checks, and everything comes back fine. Despite this, I am still getting ~1-2 Mbps down. My package is for 60Mbps and I am gauranteed ~35Mbps. 

The Now Broadband checks have come back showing that I should be getting full speeds and that there is no problems.

I have reset the Hub, tested wireless/wired connections, and checked cables, but I am still getting the same speeds. 

I cannot find any additional help past the generic 'help' page. Does anyone know anything else I can do? 

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I suspect you are referring to Wi-Fi speeds.

Take a look at this help article. and if your sync/access line speeds are not what you were guaranteed, speak to Now.

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Is this over WiFi or Ethernet? 

Otherwise use the helpful information provided by @Jayach 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help