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Replacing Now Hub2 with a TP-Link AX3000 (Deco X50-DSL)

Does any one know if I can use this to replace my now hub 2 modem/router completely.  I've also got two of the deco X50 coming as well to then set up a mesh network using ethernet backhaul.

I've been using a ASUS DSL-AC68U with another Asus router for a Mesh network but it stopped working as a modem and had to go back to the supplied NOW hub2 unit.  I've tired using the Asus Routers just for the Wifi but now wifi keeps dropping of internet so the Now hub is doing every thing now and the wifi reception at the other side of the house poor.  

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This thread seems to confirm it is available on the X75-DSL, so I would assume it is the same for the X50-DSL

Deco X73-DSL - Sky Fibre Broadand - Home Network Community (

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As long as it has Sky_MER_VDSL (or something similar) in the connection options, there should be no problem


A quick google search leads to the TP link forums, and it would appear - although i may be wrong that the AX series either doesnt work, or may be difficukt to set up

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That thread was referring to a router, not a DSL router.

Archer AX11000 | AX11000 Next-Gen Tri-Band Gaming Router | TP-Link United Kingdom

It is also over 2 years old, and most of the new TP-Link DSL routers do support it, as do some of the older ones with the latest firmware.

I'm pretty sure the Deco X50-DSL will support it, I just can't find any proof one way or the other.

Perhaps @Ricoghardforth1 can let us know if he tries it.


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This thread seems to confirm it is available on the X75-DSL, so I would assume it is the same for the X50-DSL

Deco X73-DSL - Sky Fibre Broadand - Home Network Community (

ok will let you know the outcome.

Yes its working great.   Setup was straight forward using ios deco phone app.  Selected DSL Modem Router mode and picked the SKy(MER)_VDSL option then used the following dummy user name and password for the next page and left the other settings as default.   user : abcdefgh@nowtv  password: 1234567890abcd.  Same speeds as I was getting with now hub2.    

Now the first problem I encountered was I wanted to recreate my separate 2.4 and 5Gz each which each have their own SSIDs.   As I keep the 2.4 for my older devices and my many home automation devices and then use the 5G for all the media streaming tablets, phones , laptops etc.  The Deco does not allow seperate SSID names so I had to use the work around of just enabling the 2Ghz on the main wifi giving it my old 2,5gz SSID and then enabling the guest network just on  5Ghz and renaming that my old 5Gz SSID.  

Also had to change the default DHCP ip address range on the DECO to how I had my old setup was as I have some fixed IP Addreses.  The default was and I wanted



A work around that I did on my Deco was create a 2.4 ghz only Guest network with its own SSID that I use for all the IoT devices in my house. That works perfectly.

Parental Controls 

I also started creating some profiles for my kids (so I can schedule internet access/content filter) but I guessed at my daughters phone mac address and managed to get my wife phone instead.  Worrying thing is without any schedule turned on and only the adult content filter turned on its somehow managed to block my wife internet access completely this morning until I deleted the device out of the profile.   So some more testing required.  The parental controls on my Asus router were a bit hit n miss as well.   



The wifi from this one Deco X50-DSL appears to be penetrating through the house much better than the hub2 I'm seriously considering not even bothering with the 3 device mesh system. I've not opened the box on the other two X50's (none DSL) wondering if I should send them back.