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Poor customer service - NOW TV app v Player

NOW TV customer service don't really understand how to make the viewing experience of acceptable quality.  Their grasp of English is poor.


I'm quite new to NOW TV.  Last week I tried to watch a football match on the NOW TV player, downloaded from the website.  Very poor picture, echoing noise and continual buffering.  So I went on the chat to complain and was told to uninstall the player and download the app from the Microsoft store.  I was also told that this is a KNOWN issue at NOW TV.


So I've been emailing the complaints dept:

"Why do you tell people to download the player from the website, when you know it works better if downloaded directly from Microsoft"


Their reply:

"With regards to your query, I would like to tell you that:-


  • To make easy for customers who are using Windows 7 or 8 we have given the link to download NOW TV Player using the link which is available in NOW TV help centre..."

My reply:

"Thanks. But the app gives a better experience than the player and you know that. So why don't you say that clearly to customers who are about to download the player from your website"


Their reply seems evasive.  I fight on...


Why don;t they just put up a help bubble or a link to the Microsoft Store to download the app.  I watched a game today with the app and it is much better.




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Re: Poor customer service - NOW TV app v Player



The answer isn’t evasive; the app is only available to Windows 10 users, nothing earlier.


But, modified to reflect that added complication of OS versions, your question still stands.

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