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Own Moden, Zen AX and Asus Rt-68U as mesh system

So I have the standard NowTV router/modem but it is stuck in a front closet with the copper pipes from the boiler and wiring for the consumer unit.... so it's very limited.


I was using an Asus RT68U in bridge mode in the centre of the house, but this was struggling too.


I purchased 2 x Asus Zen AX systems and, while they can be a little temperamental, they are largely OK. 

Certain devices though won't work with the new setup - notably one of the Smart TV's and the google chromecast - I suspect due to the double NAT issue.


I can't put the NowTV router into modem only mode, so I bought a Draytek Vigor 130 modem - but that may have been a mistake as the Zen doesn't have MER/Option 61....


Could I flash the old Asus RT68-U with Merlin and get that working an the initial router and mesh the Zen units off of that? I have my username / password combo via Wireshark (although I may not need that nowadays...)


Is there a better way of avoiding double NAT and making best use my setup (and get teenagers off my back regarding non-working Chromecast and them having to watch stuff IN THE LOUNGE...!