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New number

Not sure this is in the right place but hopefully can get some help i have only just joined now tv phone and broadband I requested to keep my old number and also ex-directory. I start date was 16th June I set everything up and broadband works fine however the only reason I know my number has changed is because my mum didn't phone me i then phoned her and she said the number is out of service it would have been nice to know I had a new number even better had it stayed the same as I wanted it too and to top it off my new number shows up so is not ex-directory and trying to find a number or get hold of anyone is one massive pain in the neck. I am hoping things will get sorted and I am bearing in mind the current situation and being a new customer but it would have been nice to know what's happening 

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Re: New number

I have also just signed up - just a few hours ago, so nothing is set up yet - and I received an email telling me that my phone number would change.  Like you, I asked to keep my old number (which I have had 30 years!) so I'm hoping that it's not too late to stop it changing.  If NowTV says it's got to change then I'm going to cancel.  

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Re: New number

Exactly the same thing has happened to me. I have swapped providers before with no trouble over telephone numbers. I just hope I can get this sorted otherwise I will not be happy. 

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