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NOWTV hub - awful WiFi signal

My WiFi signal from the hub has been getting progressively worse over recent months and it didn't even start out from a very good place compared to previous routers. WiFi keeps 'disappearing' around the house and now is non-existent in the kitchen despite being a mere 4 metres max from the hub. Will NOWTV send some better equipment if I complain (not that that I can actually work out where to complain to) or should I just go elsewhere for broadband seeing as my contract is up next month? (Please don't suggest powerline adaptors as these should be entirely unnecessary. My previous Sky hub managed to cover all rooms perfectly well so there is no need whatsoever for additional equipment, just a much better router.)


Hub 1 (chunky & upright) or Hub 2 (slim & horizontal)?


Got a Hub 2 here and get good coverage in all rooms on all 3 floors of a mid-terrace house.

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Hub 2.

@Anonymous User if there’s nothing unusual about your property, like very thick stone walls for example, maybe you’ve simply got a dodgy one unfortunately?

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No thick walls here. Ah well... 🙄

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I have  the same problem,  I have had to buy a wifi booster. I was with plusnet previously and  the signal in the bedrooms was always  classed as "very good"' with the now tv router it's  "marginal" at best. I googled it and apparently  now tv bought up a load of old outdated  stock from Sky. Useless.... wish I had never signed up.


@Anonymous User   


Re-branded old stock eh?


I guess it always pays to do a bit of consumer research before taking the plunge.


Still, as consumers we're bound to get caught out once in a while.



UK Bob

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The thing that I found most annoying was that I wanted to speak to someone  to see if I could upgrade to a better router. I couldn't  find a contact  number anywhere,  just a list of most asked  questions.   Bit worrying if a problem arises..... only been with them for 5 days , 12 months to go!! 🤔


I agree, great signal with EE and since I changed to NOW I can't even get WIFI in the next room.


I've usually had very low expectations of ISP supplied kit most of it falls into the just about good enough for most but not very good at that.


If you want the best from your connection then you will need to get your own router, and keep the now router in the best place for it, that is the box it came in