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Lazy info about what areas are offline

So last night at midnight my broadband went off. There was a notice that listed a few areas as having no service from midnight to 6am, only my town wasn't listed & no near by city or towns were listed, I'm in Oswestry & i know now for a fact that this area was affected by that maintainance shut down. noone bothered to list it so the line checker put me in a very annoying loop that went something along the lines of no hub detected unplug this & that then just blame anything other than now tv I've got my laptop telling me it's not the line & my phone telling me  that it is my line so which was it exactly? I don't actually know, all I know is that it wasn't working & this morning it's fine again. But the fact all it did was start the same process over & over again, it's just not good enough. My phone eventually told me to ring the number but of course it was closed. I spent hours trying to fix it & really it's all down to some lazy person at now tv not bothering to list a proper list of places that would be offline. Trust me if it happens even one more time I'm done with this service, the quality of Internet is terrible, it's not reliable & we pay for the top tier unlimited super duper broadband but we very rarely get it & the hub is a joke, its always really hot & is a flimsy bit of kit.