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Internet borke down for 6 whole days

I have to cancel this even i have to pay early cancellation charge.

The internet was never stable, i don't blame the speed but I cannot even load a normal youtube video with 720p.

The network has been broken down for 6 whole days. No one can tell me what goes wrong except the lines for my flat are Faulty. I have to go offline for 6 days until someone can come and fix it.

After the engineer has finally came at day number 6 and fix it after 2 hours, he still didnt know whats wrong. The internet was back on again but still unstable. 

Clearly what I have been through was not a good enough reason to stop this nightmare. I have to pay 44 pounds charge for cancellation.

The internet service was truly unacceptable. The hotline customer service was okay but definitely not helpful enough. The website is a joke where you will not be able to find a number if you are first time there.