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Internet Connection has Been Lost

I have a Nowtv Box connected by ethernet to my Router.


I keep getting the "Internet Connection has been lost" message.  It normally only drops out for a few seconds before being restored, but it happens so frequently it makes it virtually impossible to watch anything!  I have had my broadband checked (Virgin Media engineer came out and did all the checks and confirmed it was fine) and indeed things like laptops work fine without showing any loss of internet while the NOWTV box is dropping out.  It happens on NowTV, ITV Hub, All 4, but not BBC iplayer or Netflix.  (I assume it does happen with these apps too, but that they have longer buffers and so ride it out until the internet is restored.  I've changed the ethernet cable checked the connections etc.  I've also tried watching ITV Hub on a Sony BluRay player I have and it does not experience the same problem, so it must be something to do with the NOWTV box.


Is it broken or is there something else I could be overlooking?  If it is broken, do I have to buy a  new one or is there a way I can get a replacement?


Thanks in advance.

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@Anonymous User 

See my reply on your original thread.


FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help