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Extending Wifi Signal using multiple phone line outlets

Hello Community,


I have a technical question about extending my wifi using multiple phone line 'outlets' (not sure what to call them, it's where I plug my NOW TV hub in).

My flat has a pretty convoluted setup and walls are blocking off my wifi signal, especially from getting to my study. I have multiple phone line outlets in multiple rooms and I can plug in my router in any of them and it will connect to the internet and give me a strong signal in the respective room. Unfortunately, only in this room due to the weird layout of my place.


I have a couple of relatively new NOW TV hub twos and was wondering if I can use those to extend my signal by using the phone line without both of them trying to connect to the internet at the same time? Or is there another way to use the phone line and outlets to extend my wifi signal? I am happy to invest into hardware.


I am reasonably desperate, having tried wifi extenders and power line extenders and neither worked that well.


Hope anyone has an idea?






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Hi @Philip 


My IT knowledge is non existent to be honest, where Audio / Visual is my thing.


I don't think you can use multiple Routers on different telephone sockets dotted around your home.


What you could try is moving the NOW Hub from the BT master telephone socket if it's not in the best central location to another telephone socket that may have a better location when it comes to wifi coverage.


If you have tried going down the WiFi Booster, WiFi Mesh or Powerline Ethernet adaptor path without any success, then maybe look at another ISP who have a much more powerful wifi Router.


Hopefully somebody who is more knowledgeable than me can offer you some more assistance and help on the matter or maybe somebody can recommend a third party Router that should do the trick and help the OP how to set it up with the NOW Broadband service.


Sorry i couldn't help much, where my standalone NOW Hub Router seems to do an OK job in my home environment setup.

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Hi @Philip 


If you are willing to invest in additional hardware, then maybe a WiFi Mesh system may or may not overcome the poor WiFi reception coverage in your home if you don't want to go down the route at looking at other ISP's with some sort of WiFi guarantee promise on their Router / Broadband package.


Unfortunately i have no experience or can't recommend any WiFi Mesh components that work with the NOW Hub Routers.


Hopefully somebody on the forum can offer you more help and better sound advice on which direction to go.


Personally if it was me i would look into ISP's that offer a WiFi performance guarantee promise around the home (never looked into it to see if there is caveats involved with this type of promise or the additional prices involved for this type of stable wifi service)

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You really should keep the router in the master socket for the best broadband connection. Telephone extension wiring is not designed to carry DSL signals.

As @schnapps says a Wi-Fi mesh system will probably be the best solution. I have heard good reports on the TP-Link Deco systems, but any good system should work. Just make sure it will work in AP mode if you are keeping the Now router.