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Delayed activation

The activation date for my broadband was 8th Sep, but it didn't go live on that day. I phoned the customer service on the next day, and I was told there was a delay and they would contact the openreach to fix the issue. Today (3 days after the activation date), I checked and found that they changed my activation date to 19th Sep. This is very disappointing. This means we will have 2/3 of a month without internet, which is very difficult for me who is currently working from home.

After reading threads in this community, I realised that a delayed activation is a very common issue. So I will keep updating this thread till nowtv has fixed this issue, so that others can have a reference.

I will stay with nowtv, as other internet providers here also rely on openreach, so the problem probably will presist if I switch to another provider. 

I have one question. How does auto-compensation works? It's been 3 days since my previous activation date (8th Sep). Do I get compensate for these days? Now they have changed the activation date to 19th Sep. Does this change the way they compute the compensation? 

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Have a nosy at this link.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

Hi @gavs82008 , 

Thanks, I'm aware of this information. When I get the auto compensation (if i get any) in the end, I will leave an message here about how it works in my case. 



To all,

Hi. This is a late update to the issue we had.

We have got the internet now. It turned out that previous tenants didn't cancel their broadband when they moved out, so the landline was occupied and openreach couldn't switch on the internet for nowtv. We got our internet on 27 Sep (19 days later) and we got compensated approximately £3.5 per day for the last 19 days (although it is claimed that the compensation would be £5.83 per day). We will raise a complaint and ask how they did the calculation. 

Hope this information helps.