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Cancelling NOWTV broadband before going live!!! DO NOT DELAY

The only way I could cancel NOWTV after spending days trying to get an answer, searching though there so called website, for the ‘cancel link’ and being sent through endless loops of useless pages, with NO direct ability to cancel was to go back to BT my broadband subscriber.

 Free 0800 telephone number and answered in 2mins, and explained that I had tried to cancel but getting no response by messages or phone calls, they said they will stop the transfer Immediately and possibly report to ofcom.

After a 20 min discussion, I was offered to find another broadband provider or if I stayed with BT a £8 reduction, if I renewed to an 18month contract. My line rental + free weekend calls + 55Mb unlimited broadband. Total cost £20/month.

 I will never use sky products again; I should have headed my experience back in the eighties with sky on Astra.

 Funnily within 20mins of my call to BT, I started getting emails with a phone number to call and offer to use ‘live chat’ (LMFAO) really, sorry not costing myself anymore infinity calls to NOWTV. Think my calls so far run into about £20. Courtesy voucher would be nice but not likely and refund of £9.99 for router.

 Not sure how long this message will be here. hope it saves you from future nightmare here.

 I really don’t think companies should be allowed to trade like this.

I was never a great fan of BT, but in this case they saved the day.

Sorry if you all get stuck here.

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Hi mate

I share the same pain. Trying to get hold of Now Broadband's customer services was a nightmare.

I am in the same boat and BT wanted me to contact Now to cancel my order. After an hour I could get hold of someone via live chat to get this done.

The chats were either losing connection midway or just hanging. In the end one chat session lasted.

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I'm in exactly the same boat right now. This company is absolute SCUM. I don't know why I didn't expect this from anything MURDOCK has one of his greasy little TROTTERS in. If you can hear me NOWTV please CANCEL my contract.

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Why did you cancel?

they will put a delay/cease on your line (this may cause a headache later on)

just contact your old ISP and tell them not to let you migrate 

much easier.