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Buying a hub

I have paid a tenner for delivery, but unsure on what. Current I have no now tv boxes or hub boxes in the house. I have a broadband and line connections going live on the 9th August-do I need to buy a hub? Or now tv box to get it to work??? Sorry if it’s a stupid question 

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Hi @Anonymous User

The £9.99 charge should be for the delivery of the Hub 2 Router.

The Router is usually delivered 7 days before your live active broadband date.

When you go to My Account on here and click on the Orders & Appointment section does it say that the Hub Router is being arranged to be delivered ?

To watch NowTV you will need to have one of these supported devices linked in this help guide below and an active nowtv pass to watch nowtv content.

Anonymous User
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Thank you!!!! All sorted someone came to my rescue my broadband kit is being delivered!!!