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Broadband set up delay/issue/unknown

Hi guys,

so I have been a NOW customer for around 18 months, I’ve just moved house and taken it with me…. Or tried to!

After calling on the 8th, it was supposed to be activated on the 19th (taking my router with me)

it then got delayed to the 20th… 28th and I’ve now been told it needs to be cancelled, re-openend And then open-reach will contact again on the 3rd? That’s almost a month for an existing member! 
why do I need to cancel it, to then open it again which takes 2 weeks anyway? Rather than them fix it now!? 
move been told it’s been passed onto tier 2 twice Now.

all I’ve been told is it is all openreach, and I haven’t been given any reason! I have a wired up fibre modem and even grabbed an (open reach)engineer who was visiting my neighbour who took my serial number and said they just need to activate it. 

i have a flashing PON light. 

Is there anyway to contact the technical team? Every advisor I talk to says ‘it’s not my area’ ‘ I can’t see anything’. 
can you contact openreach directly?

kept in the dark!
cheers all  



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Now do not use FTTP, so I suggest you would be best going with another provider.

Do you even have a BT/Openreach telephone connection? Even if you do, you may be in a stop sell area.

WLR Stop sell (



Hi Jayach, 

Thankyou so much for replying. 
i do have a bt/openreach modem fitted, it’s the huwai model, with the bbu and green optical cable… if that’s any use. 

I have signed up for the ‘fab fibre’ package - I pressume this is fibre…? Sorry I am fairly new to all of the types of service etc. 



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Sorry, but Fab Fibre is not full fibre. Now cannot supply full fibre (goodness know why).

Fab Fibre is FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet), you need an FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) service to use the ONT (Optical Network Terminal).


so I can only use full fibre (FTTP) with my ONT Box? Can I still use fab fibre FTTC regardless? Because I was told my address could use fab fibre/this package?

Thankyou for your patience explaining! 

Elite 3

If you are not in a stop-sell area you should be able to order FTTC. Do you have a standard BT/Openreach phone line?

If you check your address here: BT Broadband ( and it shows VDSL (Very high-speed digital subscriber line, another name for FTTC) as being available it should be possible for you to order it, however as you have the ONT already I would suggest getting an ISP who will use it.