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Broadband installation date

I have tried on two occasions to book my engineer installation date for the 24th September, the first time there was an issue with the order for some reason which meant I then spent two hours on the phone to customer services (granted  approx 1hr 40 of this was in a queue) getting it sorted. They confirmed it would be delivered on the 24th and I had to pay for the box again (although I was promised that this would be deducted from my first bill). I’ve had an email during the night stating that there was another problem and they have moved my engineer date to the 21st September. Tried calling call centre but I don’t have two hours to spare today! Please please please can someone help me with what to do, I’ve had the 24th booked off for months and getting time off is nearly impossible where I work so there is no chance of changing it to the 21st at this late notice. I’m really disappointed as the service I got when I spoke to people was great but their computer systems just seem to keep messing stuff up! 

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