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Activation date yesterday - still no broadband

My activation date has come and gone, but my broadband connection still isn't working. The hub shows green lights for power and wireless, but nothing for internet.


Seems like it's no uncommon for customers to be left waiting for their connections to go live, judging by other posts in this forum. My worry is that BT Openreach are running behind with getting connections done, but NOWTV aren't coming clean and telling us when a realistic date is - meaning we have to spend hours on the phone to Customer Service.

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@Anonymous User  
hi are you still having this problem? My router still hasn’t been activated and it’s past midnight on my activation date..

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To give them their due, it's been sorted. I called customer services on Saturday (had to wait in a phone queue listening to the bloody Mad Men theme for an hour!) and they arranged for a BT Openreach engineer to come out on Monday morning. He gave me a few instructions over the phone (e.g. my particular socket didn't need the microfilter), and also asked whether anyone in the household had had flu-like symptoms, in case he had to come in. Then he went and tweaked something that hadn't been done correctly in the green box outside the house to activate my line. Result: all was up and running by Monday lunchtime.


Seems Openreach engineers are classed as key workers at the moment - which I suppose makes sense, as so many people are now having to work from home.

Hopefully, they'll be able get yours sorted quickly too. 🙂


Yes day 2 and still no broadband - this is pretty shoddy service 

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Have you had any emails/texts from NOW about the cause of the delay? Otherwise you can get in touch directly, contact details here