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ASUS DSL AC86u set up


Can anyone talk me through how to set up an ASUs router to replace my Nowtv Hub please. I don’t have a computer to download Wireshark and I’ve tried using passwords posted on the forums. So far I understand to go into the Wan settings and I do have options 60 &61 showing, just not sure what I should be entering and which options I should be selecting connection type, MAC address etc. If anyone can talk me through the steps that would be massively appreciated 


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Are you on FTTC/VDSL or just plain ADSL? (what now package are you on?)

What username and password are you using, assuming that you are using generic ones?

Its the asus connected to the phone line, or are you using it connected to the now router?

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Is the Asus just a router or a modem/router?

Assuming it is a modem router (model no? oops you had it in the heading) then if it has the latest software there should be a Sky_MER option in the setup.


I don't have this modem/router, but you can look at this thread

On Jan 25th 2022 @ 62:25pm, there's a screenshot of the WAN settings, everything should be set as shown, except:

section 802.1q should be enabled

VLAN ID should be set to 101, and 802.1P set to 0.

option 61 - you can configure it with a dummy value like    abcd1234@nowtv|abcd1234

The character '|' is important, the rest can be random, according to Sky.

DHCP query frequency should not be set to 'aggressive mode', see if there's some other value.

MTU set to 1500.